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Michigan has free offers for Vacation rental property owners.

We have a special offer includes a free listing, video and much more….

Hello, we are offering property owners a free video this week. We will come out and video and upload with music or voice over. We will also add you free with unlimited pictures to and “Pure Michigan”  and create a professional looking website for you and post this for free also with online booking capability, automated receipts, welcome letters, payment reminders, checkout reminder and follow up review and thank you letter. We have much more to offer for shoulder seasons and off season that will justify your investment into research our free offer.

  • Free Video

  • Free picture shoot

  • Free netflix account

  • Free membership access for indoor water parks at SLAC that allows your guests $5 entry and discounts for transportation at

  • Free marketing program on sites that cost $169-$499

  • Free agent to screen and book your calls and promote your property.

  • Free balance reminder, welcome arrival letter, review follow up and annual email marketing.

  • Free consultation on how to increase your revenue and market share

  • Free heating/cooling wifi remote management to save you bundles.


Transparency with your current policies

You still get your price and deposits and option to interview if you want the renter prior to any deposit and all balances are made out to you.

Now you can accept credit cards for free for deposits and we will assist your transactions and provide your clients insurance options for cancel or any accidental damage all for free.


Free marketing on our site and and other channel partners.

You will also get free perks for your clients like membership discounts that include use of the swimming pool and fitness gym and discounts from our merchants like limousine and sedan and transportation services. Pizza, and restaurant discounts and boat and sea doo and the top ten things to do video in your area.

Your free video your location and some points of interest near you to allow you to add this to this listing and give you other marketing through the use of youtube and free listing circles and my  data base of over 8000 past guests, from other locations we own and market to our professional clients agents, athletes, musicians, and concierge services ect through our 30 years of limousine service and rentals.


Some of our very nice rentals in Michigan

See my 4 story 8 bedroom and 5 story Mansion on Lake Michigan and the videos we have completed to date and some other locations we have completed videos for also.


Lake Michigan Mansion see this property


Campau Heaven 4 story 8 bedroom


Serenity Shores


Majestic Dunes


Hidden Pines Log Cabin Home


Yachts of Fun


A Yachts of Fun in Lake of the Ozarks


When we can get started?

I look forward to hearing from you and will be in your neighborhood soon for a visit if you have the time and want to expand your market at no cost to you.


Your competition in your area

See what your competition has to offer and get ready to enter into the New Year with the new look that helps you expand your market and increase your prices as you will have more calls to choose from by the power of video.


Free DIY (Do it Yourself) - Some lower end video that is also free if you have the technical ability,

(but why bother we are flying to see you and take care of it)


Free we produce - This of a mid-quality video of one of our places that has music added and is on the site.

Lakeshore Luxury Mansion in Grand Haven 7 bedroom sleeps 25

Campau Heaven Luxury Waterfront 8 bedroom 4 story sleeps 38

Hidden Pines Log cabin home

Serenity Beach house


Free video approx 3min to 15 minutes

Upgrade cost approx not free $500 to $1000 completed by outside vendor.

sample of video that will accrue charges if you desire.


Hidden Pines Log cabin home


See video testimonials from owners you can give him a call if you want to speak to a owner.

Hidden Pines Log cabin home 4 years listing owner

Walt Faltinowski at 616-638-2705

His video at


Oasis waterfront rental home 1st year listing owner Lucy Mcgraw   see her property at


See Owner Frank Roberts in front of one of our nicest rentals


Thank you


Frank Roberts Jr

616 437-1687 cell