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$ 4rentus has a laundery list of benefits 

  • Unlimited pictures and videos and we will upload them
  • Free Netflix and local gym and fitness access connection
  • Discounts on limo, bus and shuttle or airport services
  • Preset golf, parks horseback and brewery and wine packages
  • Money paid on deposit and balance paid directly to you


Plan and MARKETING Team

We have a plan for Success and our marketing team creates listings for your rental home and promotes it on industry-leading websites like Homeaway, VRBO, vacation rentals and other sites for free.

RESERVATIOn, booking and inquiry

the team will respond to every reservation request and inquiry and confirm reservations 24 hours a day 365 days per your, ensuring a streamlined easy booking experience for your guests and your location.


LOCAL repair and cleaning

Our extensive network of services and local partners are available to help with check-ins, housekeeping, maintenance and any changes with your location.

We get check PAYMENT to you

Reservastions are booked and your check gets to you 30 days prior to your guests arrive. If guests  pay by credit card then funds are sent directly to your bank account, address or however you prefer.


We manage all inquirys and befor and after communication with travelers, to start with inquirys,  including rental contracts, booking confirmations, check-in instructions check out email, thank you requests  and review requests and follow up for next year emails.