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This agreement will be sent pd file to tenant to accept agreement and returned and filed by our closing department.

Please return the last page to the office and keep the contract for your records.

Registration Information and Rental Policies

(Your reservation is not finalized until this form is received by our office.)

You will receive confirmation from our office when your forms are received.

You will be sent email notification when your final balance is due.

You will be sent via email instructions for check in to the properly the week prior to arrival.

The information you provide is for safety and liability purposes. It is not shared or released in any form to any other party or entity.










LOCATION(S): To confirm your reservation, send an advance rent payment equal to twenty five to fifty percent of the reservation period's rental amount, pending property. Your trip cancellation travel insurance premium is optional (if applicable or desired) and any applicable security deposit Security deposit waiver premium within 7 (seven) days. Upon receipt of your payment, a Rental Agreement Confirmation will be forwarded to you confirming your reservation. This is automatic if a credit card is used, or you have booked through our online system. If you reserved online, you are still required to turn in this agreement form. Check your email for confirmation.

2. DEPOSIT is needed to set up this rental agreement for your reservation and will require a

payment and credit card on file for any incidental damages, cleaning or charges as a result of occupant issues that need to be addressed as a result of your stay. BALANCE: The balance of your rental, taxes, and other sanitation charges will be due 45 (forty five) days prior to your arrival date and is also non-refundable if you cancel. You may pay this balance by personal check, money order, cashiers check, or cash. [f you choose to pay with a check or money order, a credit card will still be required to hold for any non-refundable payments to be on hold. All payments are made in US funds. This Confirmation/Vacation Rental Agreement must be signed and returned to Administrative Assistant within 3 days of date reflected in sent email. Total balance due of rent and applicable Security Deposit, taxes and fees, are due 45 days before arrival date to gain access to the property code. A $35 late fee will be added to your balance if  not paid in full by these dates. Any payments made within 45 days of arrival date are to be paid in guaranteed funds and must include the late fee. Reservations made within 45 days of arrival date must be PAID IN FULL at the time of booking reservation and can be held with your card on authorization for payment made to account or applied to your credit card. Reservations taken within 10 days of arrival require signature and payment held on credit card proper authorization and signature within 24 hours. If no payment is received within the allowed time period, the reservation will be cancelled without notice. Advanced rents will be deposited in Agent's interest bearing accounts and disbursed to the owner according to the management agreement between

owner and agent. Interest accrued will be payable to Agents in agent's accounts. It is understood and agreed that Owner shall make disbursement of advanced rent funds. Agent reserves the right to charge a $25 handling fee for all returned checks. All payments made by you will be deposited into Owner's bank. Tax rates are calculated as of the time of this agreement. You shall be responsible for payment of all applicable taxes according to rates in effect at the time of occupancy.
3.  CANCELLATION OF THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT: You agree that you may not assign this

agreement nor sublet the property to another property. If you must cancel the reservation, the cancellation must be in writing. Cancellation received orally will be permitted in an emergency situation, but must be followed up in writing. All funds received at or before the time of cancellation are non-refundable. If the property is re-rented for the same time frame, you will receive monies paid back, less a service charge of $300-$750 for clerical differences and market loss if rentals were denied upon request after your rental deposit. If the property is not re-rented, you will forfeit the entire rental amount to compensate for the loss of rentals. TRANSFERS: (to another week in the same unit, or to another unit) are commonly treated the same as a cancellation. Exceptions may be made subject to a $75 transfer fee. If you are force to cancel your trip, you will forfeit your non-refundable trip cost. The company strongly recommends you protect your entire vacation investment by purchasing our Vacation Rental Insurance Plan. In the event you are unable to travel to your scheduled destination, we strongly recommend that you protect your investment with CSA Insurance Travel Protection Plan administered by CSA Travel Protection.


4.  INDEMNIFICATION: You agree to indemnify and save harmless Landlord, Agent(s), and its employees, from any liabilities, loss, damage, cost, expense, whatsoever arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of, or in connection with your use and occupancy of the property incurred or sustained by you, your guests or invitees, and without regard to whether such persons have authority under this Lease to be upon the premises.

5.  EXPEDITED EVICTIONS: Agent is authorized to through its contract with the property owner to rent to family groups only. You must be at least 21 years of age. Agent will request a list of occupants be provided without notice and disclosure for approval of any of the following: HIGH SCHOOL GROUPS, WEDDINGS, WEDDING RECEPTIONS, FAMILY REUNIONS, LARGE GROUP GATHERINGS OR OTHER PARTIES OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED with our APPROVAL IN WRITING. Misrepresentation will result in you being asked to vacate the subject property immediately. Any tenant who leases residential property subject to a vacation rental agreement for 30 days or less may be evicted, have tenancy terminated, and removed from the property in an expedited eviction proceeding if you do any of the following (to include also noise violation and complaints from neighbors):


* Holds over possession after the tenancy has expired,


* Has committed a materials breach of the terms of the vacation rental agreement,


* Fails to pay rent as required by the agreement, and/or


* Has obtained possession of the property by fraud or misrepresentation.

6. OCCUPANCY: The property may NOT be occupied by more guests than the number stated on contract as 'Number of Guests," that was determined at the time of your reservation. If you have more guests occupying the property than the number listed on any of the property marketing material(s), you will be subject to expedited eviction at the Agents discretion and or charged for the extra people and vehicles at a rate based on the property rental divided by the capacity of the location and charged at our estimated overages, even if you are evicted, or complete your stay.  You will be charged to the credit card on file with your agreement. Guest manifest can be turned in with your final payment, 45 days prior to arrival.

7. PARKING: All vehicles on properly must be listed on the vehicle manifest and must be

registered with the Company along with guest manifest list. Parking is limited and the number of vehicles must not exceed the property's maximum allowable vehicles as published on the website. Vehicle manifest can be turned in with your final payment, 45 days prior to arrival.

8. RECREATIONAL VEHICLES: The use of recreational motor vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, trucks with camper inserts in the bed, and other vehicles or structures that provide sleeping accommodations, for any purposes other than transportation, are prohibited, unless approved by Company in writing and may be charged an additional expense. Over-occupancy of rental cottages includes occupying vehicles of this type and subjects you to eviction for violation of the occupancy limits and or charges for this type of permission.


9. AGENCY: It is mutually understood and agreed that Company is acting as Agent only for the Owner and has no liability to either party for the performance of any terms or covenant of this agreement. You agree that this rental agreement may be assigned by Company to the property owner or Landlord only or manager for this property.

10. YOUR DUTIES: You agree that subject property will not be used or occupied by more than the maximum allowable number of occupants without extra charges only if approved set forth in this agreement or on the published unit listing-this includes you, your family (including all children) and your guests. You shall care for the property as if it was your own, leave it undamaged and clean, and keep conditions safe throughout your tenancy. All trash should be removed from inside the cottage and disposed of in the unit's trash containers outside of the unit. You shall clean the grill, wash the dishes, and return furnishings to their original locations prior to departure. You shall not deliberately destroy, deface, damage, or remove any part of the property  or render inoperable the smoke detector provided by the landlord or knowingly permit any person to do so. You agree to reimburse agent and/or owner the amount of all intentional or want for any damages and if damage is noticed upon arrival, you must report this at check in by email, text, or voice mail so that the call is time stamped. If, there are damages upon your arrival, send them by text to Frank Roberts at 616-437-1687 and by email to your assigned Agents email. Please include any  pictures to document any existing damages, otherwise, your group may be charged for the damages. The property shall not be used for any commercial purpose or for any activity or purpose that is in violation of any regulation or other requirement of any governmental authority having jurisdiction over the property. You agree to abide by the building's rules and regulations. All equipment in the unit should be in good working order.  Please report any inoperative equipment to our office promptly by calling Frank at 616-437-1687.  We will make every reasonable effort to have repairs made as soon as possible, however, there can be limited service contractors in some of our areas.


AIR CONDITIONERS, HOT TUBS, SWIMMING POOLS, ETC. If, a telephone is available at

the property, then you shall be additionally responsible for all toll calls. If the agent has to bill

you for toll charges, an additional $25 service charge will be added to the bill. If your cell phone does not work in the area, you are not entitled to a refund or right to cancel for these reasons. Damages will be assessed with an itemized list and photographs and collected with the credit card on file.

I l. SALE OF PROPERTY: If unit is actively listed for sale, listing agent may request an

appointment to show property during tenancy. We will contact you if needed, but will try to show the property when you are not in a rental period. Transfer of property is subject to a vacation rental agreement: The buyer of the subject property shall take his or her title subject to the vacation rental agreement if the vacation rental is to end not later than i80 days after the interest in the property is recorded in the office of registrar of deeds. If the vacation rental is to end more than 180 days after the recording of the buyer's interest, you shall have no right to enforce the agreement unless the buyer has agreed in writing to honor such terms. If the subject property is placed under contract for sale after the time of execution of this agreement you will be notified in writing of the following within 10 days after the transfer of the property.


*  The notice of property transfer, the name and address of buyer, and the date the interest was recorded.


*  Advise you whether you have the right to occupy the property subject to the terms of the lease agreement.


*  Advise you whether you have the right to a refund of any payments made. Refunds will come from the owner and only the refund of monies paid, however a transfer to another location by company can be arranged and marketing expense will be paid to owner, not the renter.

12. LANDLORD (OWNER) DUTIES: Landlord shall comply with all current applicable building and housing codes, and make all repairs and do what is necessary to keep the property in safe, fit, and habitable condition. The landlord shall remain in good and safe working order and reasonably repair all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilation, and other facilities and major appliances supplied by him or her upon written notification from you that repairs are needed. The landlord shall provide smoke detectors and replace as needed batteries in a battery operated smoke detector and make repairs or replacement of same as needed upon written notification from you or inspection cleaning crew.

13. CANCELLATION: Conditions surrounding the unilateral cancellation of this agreement by you are covered in Article #3. If the subject property becomes unavailable or unsuitable for rent for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, casualty loss, construction delays, physical deterioration or loss of utility services, the landlord's liability will be limited to the return of all monies paid on account at the time of cancellation based on actual dates.

14. PET FRIENDLY HOMES: Properties permitting pets will have a $150 non-refundable pet fee for the privilege. Pets are strictly limited to 1 adult house-trained dog. NO other types of pets are allowed. No dogs are allowed in any pool or hot tub. Units not permitting pets are clearly defined in the brochure or website as such and any violation of the NO PETS rule at these units will be grounds for immediate eviction without refund; AND A $150 PET FEE WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR DAMAGE DEPOSIT OR CHARGED TO THE CREDIT CARD ON FILE. Absolutely no other pets are allowed. Cats are not allowed. All damages caused by your pet will be documented, and the credit card on file will be charged to cover the damages.

15. SMOKING: For safety purposes and in consideration of our property owners and future guests, we ask that you refrain from smoking in or on the property structure. All of our properties are non-smoking. If you must smoke, do so outside and away from the unit. And dispose of smoking remnants responsibly, NOT ON TIIE GROUND. Failure to honor the non smoking rule, or any evidence of smoking in or on the property, will result in a MINIMUM additional $200 charge to the credit card on file.


16. REPRESENTATIONS: This lease agreement contains the entire agreement ofthe parties and there is no misrepresentations or representations, inducements or other provisions other than those expressed in writing as contained herein. Michigan and some local laws require the collection of sales and use tax and a lodging tax on the gross rental amount, due and payable by you. This sum must be paid with the balance of your rent and other charges within 45 days of the rental stay.
17.  KEYS & LOCK OUTS and ACCESS BOXES: Keys for initial entry will be contained rn a

secure lock box and the code will be given to you prior to your stay (unless you have been

instructed otherwise.) Once initial entry is gained, please return the lock box key to the box. If the key contained in the lock box is found missing, or any key is found missing, a $75 per key charge will be assessed to the credit card on file. For lockout situations, someone may be available to provide a key for a $75 charge payable in cash. After 10pm, please call a locksmith at your own expense.

18.  COLLECTING DAMAGES: A $750 hold will be put on your credit card on file before the office sends you the lock box code prior to arrival date. If this charge is not approved, you will not be given access to the property. After departure, the cleaning staff will supply the office with an itemized list of all damages from your group. If there were no damages, the hold will be taken off of your credit card within a few days of your group departing from the properf. All of our properties require a credit card on file for any damages, additional cleaning, or repairs from tenants. The purpose is to allow the owner to recover some of the expenses incurred from obvious neglect or from additional cleaning required due to you leaving the cottage in abnormally dirty condition , pay per view events ordered and not reported by accident or intentional. In the event that you do not purchase the damage insurance, you agree to be responsible for any damage to the premises or its contents. Normal wear and tear is accepted. The properly protection insurance is for accidental damage, and does not cover careless disregard.

19.  PROPERTY DAMAGE PLAN: You have the option of purchasing the PDP for the amount of $39 for up to $1500 and S49 for up to $3000 and $59 for up to $5000 for under 30 day stay. Purchasing PDP by CSA is found at See the full site for a description of the plan. Please refer to the Description of Coverage detailing the terms, conditions, and responsibilities of you and Company. If you do not receive coverage upon purchase of the plan, contact PDP for confirmation and send the receipt to: PDP plan is a third party insurance, and is in no way affiliated with or

20.  ENFORCEMENT: This agreement shall not be binding unless and until Agent from 4rent has received twenty five percent to one half of the gross rent as advance rent and all checks have cleared the bank. You acknowledge you may not have possession of the premises until the full rental amount set forth herein, including all taxes and fees, has been paid and rental agreement has been executed. A copy of this lease agreement must be returned to within 3 days of receipt. Reservation is subject to be cancelled if we have not received your signed lease within three (3) days of receipt, and you will forfeit your deposit. The balance of your rent will be due 45 days prior to your check in date.

21.  WAIVER OF ANY AND ALL LIABILITY: for spa, hot tub, Jacuzzi, whirlpool, pool, lake,

stream, river, channel, or pond herein called special feature, as well as using other areas of the cottage or rental home, in particular, you understand that there are potential dangers that the special feature may present to children who are not carefully supervised as well as the danger to any person using the special feature, or if a person has health risks or if a person used the special feature while intoxicated or using any kind of drugs or medication, or uses the special feature while pregnant. You agree to explain the risks of using special feature to any guests you may have at the cottage or rental home and to be fully and solely responsible for any accidents your guests may incur. You understand the risks discussed above and agree that you will assume all responsibility for yourself and your guests for the consequence of those claims arising from your guests use of special feature (to include, but not limited to): bug bites, bees, snake bites, and critters. You also understand and agree that you are responsible and liable and will pay agent of 4rent upon request for any damages that occur to the special feature and its support equipment through you or your guests' misuse and/or negligence, for example, but not limited to walking on the hot tub cover or damaging the liner, or allowing the water level to become too low, or causing water overflow inside the house. Repairs to the damaged special feature will be collected by charging the credit card on file.

22. COMPENSATION: You understand agent is being compensated in this transaction by the property owner and is contractually obligated to protect the interest of it. Agent hereby discloses to you if you elect to purchase travel insurance protection or damage insurance. Both are two separate items with this agreement. Agent will be compensated by CSA, Inc. for the cooperation in the transaction.

23. CHECK IN CHECK OUT/LATE ARRIVAL: Check in time is after 3:00pm or 5:00pm

(depending on property) on the beginning date of your reservation. In order to allow sufficient time, we may reserve the right to have until one hour later than normal check in when necessary to prepare the property for your use. We ask that you do not request early occupancy. Leaseholder may enter the property only after posted check in time. Entering the property before authorized check in will result in eviction for trespassing. Upon arrival, cottage rules will be available to the leaseholder. CHECK OUT departure time is 11:00am (pending location), before on the ending date of your reservation. You are responsible for such items as: placing all trash and debris in outside containers, wash/put away all dishes, removal of excessive sand from floors and bath fixtures, decks and poolside (if applicable) trash fee and tidy. Check out beyond 11:00am will result in a $150 late charge (to be charged to the credit card on file), unless approved in writing and time stamped.

24. FIREWORKS/OUTSIDE FIRES: Fireworks of any type are strictly prohibited on rental property premises. No outdoor ground fires are allowed on premises unless home rules specifically state A  otherwise AND a property designated area is defined.

25. STATES OF EMERGENCY/TORNADOES: If state or local authorities order a mandatory

evacuation of an area that includes the subject property, you will comply with the order. you will not be entitled to any refund if you have not purchased trip insurance offered through the

agency's recommended carrier. Once insurance is purchased, it is non-refundable.


26.  ATTORNEY'S FEES: In the event of your breach of the terms and conditions of this Lease, you shall be liable for all damages incurred by Landlord or Agent resulting from such breach, including all court costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees.

27. SYSTEM FAILURES: In the event the rental unit sustains a failure of a system, (including, but not limited to: water, septic, sewer, electrical, mechanical, heat pump, n"tttilutiott, pool, hot tub, or other system or structural systems), neither the landlord nor Agent shall be liable to you in damages and no refunds will be given for such failures. However, Agent will make an effort to promptly repair or replace a failed system or repair needed or equipment and in such even! You agree to permit Agent or its service state to have reasonable access to the property to inspect and make such repairs that may need to be repaired as reported. If reasonable access is not granted or false failures are reported, a $75 fee will be charged to the credit card on file.

28. ACTS OF GOD: Neither landlord nor Agent shall be liable for events beyond their control which may interfere with your occupancy of the property such as weather, othei acts of God, acts of governmental agencies, fresh, strikes, war or inclement weather. No refunds shall be given for such occurrences and you are encouraged to obtain trip interruption insurance to cover such risks.

29. DOUBLE BOOKINGS: Double bookings are rare. In the event that your reservation for a rental unit overlaps or matches the reservation of another tenant, Agent reserves right to relocate you to a different property within the Agent's rental program or within the rental program of another company. Every effort will be made to insure that the replacement property is comparable to the original rental property. The Agent shall have the sole right to select such replacement property and agrees to pay any additional charges that would be due in excess of the rate for the original booking. You will have the option to accept the replacement property (together with any refund of amounts paid in excess of the replacement rental property costs) or to accept a refund of all rents and fees paid for the original booking. You agree that its choice between these alternatives will be the sole remedy for any and all damages, liability, or inconvenience arising out of the double booking.

30. DISPUTES: This lease shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan and shall be treated as though it were executed in the County of Ottawa and Kent and all counties in the State of Michigan. Any dispute or action filed relating to this Lease shall be instituted and prosecuted in the General Court of Justice within the State of Michigan and the county of Kent and all counties to include Ottawa shall be the sole venue for such action. You, by execution of this agreement, specifically consent to such jurisdiction and venue and to the extraterritorial service of process should such service become necessary.

31. RESPONSIBILITY: Prices, property and other specifications are subject to change.

No warranty is made, expressed, or implied, as to the suitability (habitability of the premises.)

32. PAYMENT: There is a 3% service charge added to all credit card transactions. To avoid this fee,pay with cash, check, money order, or cashiers check. This insurance is optional ft is offered by a third party insurance agency, and is in no way affiliated with 4rent. Receipt of purchase must be returned to the office by fax (616) 328-5200 or email

Options for insurance:
This insurance is optional.  It is offered by a third party insurance agency, and is in no way affiliated with 4rent.  Receipt of purchase must be returned to the office by fax or email to
Option 1: I choose the Vacation Rental Insurance CVA's vacation rental insurance found at the site: https ://www.vacationrental

I will login and pay for this at the site and send proof to
$1500 coverage for $39
$3000 coverage for $49
$5000 coverage for $59

Option 2: I choose the Property Damage Protection Plan and will pay through the site and I will send proof to
$1500 coverage for $39
$3000 coverage for $49
$5000 coverage for $59


All renters will supply a valid credit card to 4rent, Roberts Rentals Management, LLC to hold for any other incidental charges. This rental agreement is not complete without the credit card information. If you paid your deposit online, 4rent still needs valid credit card information on file, or your agreement will be rejected and you may lose your deposit if another renter turns in all completed forms.

Please sign next page. This contract agreement for vacation rental is executed under authority granted by the property listed and the management agreement between Agent(s) and Landlord/Owner subject to the terms and conditions of said property management agreement. This contract is assignable to the Landlord/Owner at any time during its term by the company. Signature below must be that of printed Return the bottom page to secure your reservation.

Please include with your rental agreement:


*  A copy of your credit card (front and back)

*  A copy of your drivers license (front and back)

*  Guest Manifest (can be sent in with your final payment, name and approximate age of all guests)

*  Vehicle Manifest (can be sent in with your final payment, make and model of each vehicle)




407 Turner Ave NW  Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Office (616)264 - 3180  Fax (616) 328-5200


Contact information: __________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: _______________________________________________________
Contact Phone: __________________ Alternate Phone: ______________________
Contact email: _______________________________________________________

Credit Card Number: __________/__________/__________/__________
Expiration Date: __________________________  Security Code: _______________

Rental Property: ______________________________________________________
Number of Guests: ___________________  Type of Event: _____________________
Arrival Date: _______________________  Departure Date: ____________________

How did you hear about 4RENT? __________________________________________
What made you reserve? _______________________________________________

Rental Rate
Base Rate:          $_______________
Cleaning fee:      $_______________
6% Tax:                $_______________
Grand Total:        $_______________
Deposit:               $_______________
Final Balance:    $_______________  (Due 45 days prior to check-in via check or money order)

I agree to the terms of this rental agreement.

________________________________________               _______________________
Signature of Lease Holder                                                            Date

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Co-Renter Signature                                                                       Date